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AOMA Membership and Benefits


It is time to renew dues for our 2023-2024 year!

The AOMA is honored to serve you another year and we're happy to answer any

questions regarding your membership. You are able to renew your dues through

mail, phone, or online.


Looking to Join or Renew? Click here!



AOMA Member Benefits

  • Protects uninterrupted credentialing through Arkansas licensing.
  • Provides affordable Continuing Medical Education (CME) hours in Arkansas.
  • Recommends benefits and services saving our members money.
  • Represents the osteopathic profession at the state capitol and protects osteopathic practice rights.
  • Helps DOs obtain appropriate reimbursement for medical services.
  • Counsels students about osteopathic medicine.
  • Gives members referrals from fellow DO members.
  • Gives referrals from patients looking for osteopathic physicians.
  • Coordinates positive relationships with other organizations and institutions.
  • Offers indispensable resourses ranging from advocacy to practice management.
  • Connects colleagues in the osteopathic medical profession in person at AOMA events.
  • Tracks physicians' CME progress throughout the year and offers access online services for CME information and
  • Ensures our physicians are in compliance for the changes in the maintenance of licensure and Osteopathic Continuous Certification.
  • Offers the chance to make an impact and get involved on state, regionals, or national levels through advocacy efforts or by participating on the AOMA's board or committees.  
  • Gives expedited assistance in the verification process physicians need for employment and managed care plans through the nationally recognized credential document, the Official Osteopathic Physician Profile Report.
  • Offers discounts on physician resources, insurance, information security, lab services and much more through our member benefit partnerships.
  • Improves patient outcomes through the Clinical Assessment Program (CAP) for Physician Quality Reporting System.
  • Search for career opportunities through the AOMA's established resource network which can provide information about job opportunities, recruiters, as well as internships and residency programs.
  • Discover the latest information about the osteopathic medical profession and osteopathic physicians through your complimentary subscription to the e-newsletter: Osteopathic Arkansas.

The AOMA is here to serve its members!


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